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Puzzles as Wall Art

Most people are familiar with buying prints, photos or paintings to display at their homes, but probably do not think of doing so with jigsaws. Yet they provide an enormous variety of choices for doing so. Jigsaws come in sizes up to 24,000 pieces, and may be as small as about a foot square or as large as 5 feet by 14 feet. There are hundreds of different topics to choose from, perhaps even a broader choice than traditional prints offer. Not only are they inexpensive, but they provide entertainment while completing them. Puzzles can be hung with or without frames, after a simple gluing process.

To really appreciate the opportunities afforded by placing completed jigsaw puzzles on the wall, consider this:

Small selection of jigsaw options:

Art works for the living room, bird feeders for the kitchen, flowers for the dining room, sports, space, jewelry for a teen's room, maps for the office, dinosaurs, Noah's Ark or teddy bears for a child's or baby's room, outhouses for the bathroom, scenery, lighthouses, religion for a family room..... JUST TO NAME A FEW!

The first step in using jigsaws as wall art (well actually the second, as the first is to complete the jigsaw!) is to glue the puzzle together. A special glue is applied to the surface unless one does not wish to have a gloss. (In that case, the puzzle will have to be flipped over). It will not harm glow-in-the-dark or metallic finish puzzles.

Gluing a puzzle together merely involves spreading puzzle glue on it (complete instructions are given at Puzzles Plus) and waiting one hour for it to dry.

How to display a jigsaw may be determined by its size and shape. Today there are many "shaped" jigsaws - jigsaws in the shapes of butterflies, houses, animals, leaves, fish and more, as well as round puzzles. These puzzles are best displayed by simply nailing them into the wall, as it is impossible to have custom-cut frames for these. One could have the puzzle mounted on a backing and then framed, but this often detracts from appreciating the shape of the puzzle.

The expense involved in framing a jigsaw puzzle depends to a certain extent on the size of the puzzle and the availability of standard frames. Some puzzles are standard sizes (18" x 24" for example) and frames can be purchased at discount stores. However, many puzzles are created by European companies and the standard metric sizes are not the same as standard American sizes, so it is impossible to find these unusual frame sizes at discount stores. If framing is desired, these puzzles must have custom frames created for them, which may be very expensive at framing shops. Puzzles Plus will take orders for a variety of metal custom-sized frames which they will assemble. In an effort to keep costs lower, these frames come with glass and hardware, but instead of the dry mount system at a professional framing shop, these puzzles are simply backed with sturdy cardboard. A sample of such a puzzle is on display at the store. Puzzles Plus is happy to assemble these frames for its customers.

When embarking on such a decorating project, it is wise to wait until the puzzle is completed before selecting a frame, for two reasons. First, one might lose a piece, rendering the puzzle inappropriate for hanging. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the puzzle size quoted on the box is not necessarily the actual size of the finished puzzle (yes, it should be, but it isn't!).

Stop in at Puzzles Plus to see the tremendous variety of puzzles and the potential for decorating your home with them!